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From Middle English shoppe, from Old English sceoppa, scoppa (shop, booth, shed), from Proto-Germanic *skupp-, *skup- (barn, shed), from Proto-Indo-European *skub-, *skup- (to bend, bow, curve, vault). Cognate with German Schuppen (shed), German Schober (barn).



shop (plural shops)

  1. An establishment that sells goods or services to the public; originally a physical location, but now a virtual establishment as well.
    • Cowper
      From shop to shop / Wandering, and littering with unfolded silks / The polished counter.
  2. A place where things are crafted; a workshop or hobbyshop.
    • Shakespeare
      A tailor called me in his shop.
  3. An automobile mechanic's workplace.
  4. Workplace; office. Used mainly in expressions such as shop talk, closed shop and shop floor.
  5. A variety of classes taught in junior or senior high school that teach vocational skill.
  6. (business, computing) an organisation using specified programming languages or software, often exclusively.
    Our company is mostly a Java shop.
  7. An act of shopping, especially routine shopping for food and other domestic supplies.
    This is where I do my weekly shop.


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shop (third-person singular simple present shops, present participle shopping, simple past and past participle shopped)

  1. (intransitive) To visit shops; to look around shops with the intention of buying something.
    I went shopping early, before the Christmas rush.
    He’s shopping for clothes.
  2. (transitive, slang, chiefly UK) To report the criminal activities or whereabouts of someone to an authority.
    He shopped his mates in to the police.
  3. (transitive, Internet slang) Shorthand for photoshop; to digitally edit a picture or photograph.


  • (to report a criminal to authority): grass up (slang)


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  1. Used to attract the services of a shop assistant