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Etymology 1[edit]

Sino-Vietnamese word from .


(classifier cái, cây) đinh

  1. a nail (spike-shaped metal fastener used for joining wood or similar materials)
    đinh ốca screw
    đầu đinha buzz cut

Etymology 2[edit]

Sino-Vietnamese word from (adult man).



  1. (historical) an adult man who has to contribute some type of tax (for being an adult man), or is subject to conscription
    đến tuổi đinhto become an adult man and have to contribute
  2. a share of fees that a male member is expected to contribute to his extended family's mutual fund
    Con là con trai nên con có một đinh. Em là con gái nên không có đinh.
    You're a boy so you have a share of mutual funding fees. Your sister doesn't have one.
    Nhà ta phải nộp 2 đinh để xây sửa nhà thờ họ. Tổng cộng là 6 triệu.
    Our family has to contribute 2 "male fees" for the renovation of the extended family's temple. 6 million dongs in total.
Related terms[edit]