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Ваш (Vašm sg (possessive)

  1. your, yours; the polite form of second-person singular or plural possessive pronoun.
    Госпожо Петрова, Вашата стая е на третия етаж.
    Gospožo Petrova, Vašata staja e na tretija etaž.
    Mrs. Petrova, your room is on the third floor.
    Извинете, това ли е Вашето място?.
    Izvinete, tova li e Vašeto mjasto?.
    Excuse me, is this your seat?
    Искрено Ваш.
    Iskreno Vaš.
    Yours sincerely/faithfully.
    Ваше величество.
    Vaše veličestvo.
    Your Majesty.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The possessive pronoun Ваш is comparable to French votre, German Ihr, and is used not only in the informal plural sense, but also as the formal singular and plural, in which case it is always capitalised. The formal Ваш is appropriate with strangers, business contacts, and all but one's friends. (The informal твой should only be used with close family and friends).

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From Proto-Slavic *vašь, from Proto-Indo-European *wās-y-



Ваш (Vaš)

  1. (formal plural & singular) your, yours
    Од денес, бродов е Ваш.
    From today on, this ship is yours.


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