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From воскресе́ние ‎(voskresénije), воскреше́ние ‎(voskrešénije) (resurrection, of Christ).

День воскрешения ‎(Denʹ voskrešenija) (The Day of Resurrection) means a holiday, a nonworking day, and in this meaning it replaced the word неде́ля ‎(nedélja) which had been used for Sunday before.

Compare with Old East Slavic and Old Church Slavonic въскрьсениѥ ‎(vŭskrĭsenije), въскрѣшениѥ ‎(vŭskrěšenije).

Because of the prefix вос- ‎(vos-) (rather than вс- ‎(vs-)), it was an adoption from Old Church Slavonic (not Old Slavonic).



воскресе́нье ‎(voskresénʹjen inan ‎(genitive воскресе́нья, nominative plural воскресе́нья)

  1. Sunday
    в воскресе́нье‎ ― v voskresénʹje ― on Sunday
    по воскресе́ньям‎ ― po voskresénʹjam ― on Sundays
    к воскресе́нью‎ ― k voskresénʹju ― by Sunday
    с воскресе́нья‎ ― s voskresénʹja ― from Sunday
    с пя́тницы до воскресе́нья‎ ― s pjátnicy do voskresénʹja ― from Friday to Sunday
    в сле́дующее воскресе́нье‎ ― v slédujuščeje voskresénʹje ― next Sunday
  2. alternative form of воскресе́ние ‎(voskresénije, resurrection)


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