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From воскресе́ние (voskresénije), воскреше́ние (voskrešénije) (resurrection, of Christ).

День воскреше́ния (Denʹ voskrešénija) (The Day of Resurrection) means a holiday, a nonworking day, and in this meaning it replaced the word неде́ля (nedélja) which had been used for Sunday before.

Compare with Old East Slavic and Old Church Slavonic въскрьсениѥ (vŭskrĭsenije), въскрѣшениѥ (vŭskrěšenije).

Because of the prefix вос- (vos-) (rather than вс- (vs-)), it was an adoption from Old Church Slavonic (not Old Slavonic).


  • IPA(key): [vəskrʲɪˈsʲenʲje]
  • (file)


воскресе́нье (voskresénʹjen inan (genitive воскресе́нья, nominative plural воскресе́нья, genitive plural воскресе́ний)

  1. Sunday
    в воскресе́ньеv voskresénʹjeon Sunday
    по воскресе́ньямpo voskresénʹjamon Sundays
    к воскресе́ньюk voskresénʹjuby Sunday
    с воскресе́ньяs voskresénʹjafrom Sunday
    с пя́тницы до воскресе́ньяs pjátnicy do voskresénʹjafrom Friday to Sunday
    в сле́дующее воскресе́ньеv slédujuščeje voskresénʹjenext Sunday
  2. alternative form of воскресе́ние (voskresénije, resurrection)


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