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е́здить ‎(jézditʹimpf ‎(perfective пое́здить)

  1. to go (by horse or vehicle), to ride, to drive
  2. to come, to visit
  3. to travel
    Я ча́сто е́зжу в Москву́.
    Ja částo jézžu v Moskvú.
    I frequently go (travel) to Moscow. (abstract verb)
    е́здить на ло́шади‎ ― jézditʹ na lóšadi ― to ride a horse (generally, abstract verb)
    е́здить на по́езде‎ ― jézditʹ na pójezde ― to go by train (generally, abstract verb)

Usage notes[edit]

Я е́зжу на маши́не.‎ ― Ja jézžu na mašíne. ― I'm going by car.
The grammatical agent (shown as the subject) doesn't have any definite destinations in mind, and perhaps goes to more than one direction on a map. Here, е́зжу is from the abstract verb е́здить.
Я е́ду в Москву́.‎ ― Ja jédu v Moskvú. ― I'm going to Moscow.
The grammatical agent (shown as the subject) has a definite destination (i.e. Moscow) in mind and has an intention to go on a single direction on a map. Here, е́ду is from the concrete verb е́хать.


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