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лома́ться (lomátʹsjaimpf (perfective слома́ться or полома́ться)

  1. (intransitive) to break, to break up, to fracture, to split
  2. (intransitive) to break down (of a device, etc.)
  3. (figuratively) to collapse, to fall apart
  4. to crack, to break (of the voice)
  5. (colloquial) to pose, to mince, to pretend, pf — only полома́ться (polomátʹsja)
  6. (colloquial) to be obstinate, to cause difficulties, to refuse to agree, pf — only полома́ться (polomátʹsja)
    Он до́лго лома́лся, но пото́м мы его́ уговори́ли пойти́ с на́ми.
    On dólgo lomálsja, no potóm my jevó ugovoríli pojtí s námi.
    He was pigheaded for a long time but then we convinced him to come with us.

Usage notes[edit]

The perfective слома́ться (slomátʹsja) refers to one single complete act, while полома́ться (polomátʹsja) refers to a complete stretch of either multiple acts or a continuous act.