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From Proto-Indo-European *témHos (darkness), from *temH-. Cognates include Avestan 𐬙𐬆𐬨𐬀𐬵 (tǝmah), Persian تم (tam, cataract) and Latin temere (blindly).


तमस् (támasn

  1. darkness, gloom (also in plural)
    तमः प्रणीत (tamaḥ práṇīta)"led into darkness", deprived of the eye's light or sight
  2. the darkness of hell, hell or a particular division of hell
  3. the obscuration of the sun or moon in eclipses, attributed to Rahu
  4. mental darkness, ignorance, illusion, error
  5. tamas, one of the three qualities or constituents of everything in creation (the cause of heaviness, ignorance, illusion, lust, anger, pride, sorrow, dullness, and stolidity)
  6. sin
  7. sorrow