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Borrowed from Sanskrit पक्ष (pakṣa).



पक्ष (pakṣm

  1. faction, side, party
    पक्ष साथ-साथ लड़ रहे थे।pakṣ sāth-sāth laṛ rahe the.The factions were fighting amongst themselves.
    Synonym: तरफ़ (taraf)
  2. aspect, quality
  3. support, approval
  4. a lunar fortnight

Derived terms[edit]


Declension of पक्ष
Singular Plural
Direct पक्ष (pakṣ) पक्ष (pakṣ)
Oblique पक्ष (pakṣ) पक्षों (pakṣõ)
Vocative पक्ष (pakṣ) पक्षो (pakṣo)



पक्ष (pakṣám

  1. wing, pinion
  2. symbol
  3. name of the number two
  4. feather, the feathers on both sides of an arrow
  5. fin of a fish
  6. shoulder
  7. the flank or side or the half of anything
  8. the side or wing of a building
  9. the wing or flank of an army
  10. the half of a lunar month
  11. side, party, faction
  12. multitude, number, troop, set, class of beings
  13. partisan, adherent, follower, friend
  14. side i.e. position, place, stead
  15. quantity
  16. one of two cases or one side of an argument, an alternative
  17. a point or matter under discussion, a thesis, a particular theory, a position advanced or an argument to be maintained
  18. action, lawsuit
  19. (logic) the proposition to be proved in a syllogism
  20. any supposition or view, motion, idea, opinion
  21. sun
  22. name of several men
  23. (algebra) a primary division or the side of an equation in a primary division
  24. the wall of a house or any wall
  25. army
  26. favour
  27. contradiction, rejoinder
  28. the ash-pit of a fire-place
  29. royal elephant
  30. a limb or member of the body
  31. the feathers of the tail of a peacock, a tail
  32. proximity, neighbourhood
  33. bracelet
  34. purity, perfection


Masculine a-stem declension of पक्ष
Nom. sg. पक्षः (pakṣaḥ)
Gen. sg. पक्षस्य (pakṣasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative पक्षः (pakṣaḥ) पक्षौ (pakṣau) पक्षाः (pakṣāḥ)
Vocative पक्ष (pakṣa) पक्षौ (pakṣau) पक्षाः (pakṣāḥ)
Accusative पक्षम् (pakṣam) पक्षौ (pakṣau) पक्षान् (pakṣān)
Instrumental पक्षेण (pakṣeṇa) पक्षाभ्याम् (pakṣābhyām) पक्षैः (pakṣaiḥ)
Dative पक्षाय (pakṣāya) पक्षाभ्याम् (pakṣābhyām) पक्षेभ्यः (pakṣebhyaḥ)
Ablative पक्षात् (pakṣāt) पक्षाभ्याम् (pakṣābhyām) पक्षेभ्यः (pakṣebhyaḥ)
Genitive पक्षस्य (pakṣasya) पक्षयोः (pakṣayoḥ) पक्षाणाम् (pakṣāṇām)
Locative पक्षे (pakṣe) पक्षयोः (pakṣayoḥ) पक्षेषु (pakṣeṣu)