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From Proto-Indo-European *píph₃eti (to drink, to be drinking), reduplication of *peh₃- (to drink). Cognate with Old Church Slavonic пити (piti), Ancient Greek πίνω (pínō), Latin bibō.


पिबति (píbati) (cl.1 P. root √pā)

  1. to drink, quaff, suck, sip, swallow (with accusative, rarely genitive)
  2. (figuratively) to imbibe, draw in, appropriate, enjoy, feast upon (with the eyes, ears etc.)
  3. to drink up, exhaust, absorb
  4. to drink intoxicating liquors
  5. (causative) to cause to drink, give to drink, water (horses or cattle)
  6. (desiderative) to wish to drink, thirst
  7. (desiderative of causative) to wish or intend to give to drink
  8. (intensive) to drink greedily or repeatedly