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सत् (sat)

  1. (pr. p. of √1. अस्) being, existing, occurring, happening, being present ( सतो मे, ‘when I was present’ ; often connected with other participles or with an adverb e.g. नाम्नि कृते सति, ‘when the name has been given’ ; तथा सति, ‘if it be so’ ; also ibc., where sometimes = ‘possessed of’ cf. सत्-कल्पवृक्ष).
  2. abiding in (loc.).
  3. belonging to (gen.).
  4. living.
  5. lasting, enduring.
  6. real, actual, as any one or anything ought to be, true, good, right ( तन् न सत्, ‘that is not right’), beautiful, wise, venerable, honest (often in comp. » below).


सत् (satm

  1. a being, (pl.) beings, creatures.
  2. a good or wise man, a sage.
  3. good or honest or wise or respectable people.


सत् (satn

  1. entity or existence, essence
  2. that which is good or real or true, reality, truth

Derived terms[edit]


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