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From Proto-Indo-European *h₁sónts (being, present participle of *h₁es-). Cognate with Hittite 𒀀𒊭𒀀𒀭𒍝 (ašānz(a)), Ancient Greek ὤν (ṓn), Latin prae-sēns (present), Old English sōþ.


  • (Vedic) IPA(key): /s̪ɐ́t̪/
  • (Classical) IPA(key): /s̪ɐt̪/
  • Participle[edit]

    सत् (sát)

    1. present participle of अस् (as); being, existing, occurring, happening, being present
    2. (with locative) abiding in
    3. (with genitive) belonging to
    4. living
    5. lasting, enduring
    6. real, actual, as any one or anything ought to be, true, good, right


    सत् (sátm

    1. a being; (in the plural) beings, creatures
    2. a good or wise man, a sage
    3. good or honest or wise or respectable people.


    सत् (satn

    1. entity or existence, essence
    2. that which is good or real or true, reality, truth

    Derived terms[edit]


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