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  1. present participle of happen
    • 2013 June 8, “The new masters and commanders”, The Economist, volume 407, number 8839, page 52: 
      From the ground, Colombo’s port does not look like much. []   But viewed from high up in one of the growing number of skyscrapers in Sri Lanka’s capital, it is clear that something extraordinary is happening: China is creating a shipping hub just 200 miles from India’s southern tip.


happening ‎(comparative more happening, superlative most happening)

  1. (slang, of a place) Busy, lively; vibrant, dynamic; fashionable.
    This is a happening place tonight!
    • 2005, Wendy Lawton, Less is More, page 13,
      [] San Francisco is not exactly the most happening place, you know.”
    • 2006, Eliot Greenspan, Neil E. Schlecht, Frommer's Cuba, page 165,
      When the show ends, the circular, sunken floor is one of the more happening dance clubs in town.
    • 2011, Bob Sehlinger, Menasha Ridge, Len Testa, The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2012, page 157,
      They're a little noisy if you open your balcony door but otherwise offer a glimpse of one of Disney World's more happening places.
  2. (slang, of a person or product) Trendy, up-to-the-minute.
    He is a real happening guy.
    • 1987 November 16, Steve Gibson, Desktop Publishing, 386-Based Machines, ‘Happening’ Trends at Comdex, InfoWorld, page 42,
      Every show has its hottest, most happening trends. If I were to isolate just one for hardware and one for software, this year's hot hardware would be the 386 machines, and the happening software would be desktop publishing.
    • 2009, Nicola Williams, Oliver Berry, Steve Fallon, France, Lonely Planet, page 883,
      Going strong since 2006, this ephemeral nightclub (it's open only for 50 nights each year, in July and August) has become the hottest ticket in DJ land, a combination of the most happening names in music and its spectacular setting at the heart of the Palais des Festivals.
    • 2011, Nicholas Gill, Christie Pashby, Kristina Schreck, Frommer's Chile & Easter Island, unnumbered page,
      San Antonio is the newest, tiniest, and most “happening” wine appellation in Chile, with just four boutique wineries that focus on quality, not quantity, producing fine pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, and syrah.



happening ‎(plural happenings)

  1. Something that happens.
  2. A spontaneous or improvised event, especially one that involves audience participation.


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  1. happening (event)


Inflection of happening (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative happening happeningit
genitive happeningin happeningien
partitive happeningia happeningeja
illative happeningiin happeningeihin
singular plural
nominative happening happeningit
accusative nom.? happening happeningit
gen. happeningin
genitive happeningin happeningien
partitive happeningia happeningeja
inessive happeningissa happeningeissa
elative happeningista happeningeista
illative happeningiin happeningeihin
adessive happeningilla happeningeilla
ablative happeningilta happeningeilta
allative happeningille happeningeille
essive happeningina happeningeina
translative happeningiksi happeningeiksi
instructive happeningein
abessive happeningitta happeningeitta
comitative happeningeineen



happening m ‎(plural happenings)

  1. happening