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Etymology 1[edit]


स्वर् ‎(svar)

  1. Alternative spelling of सुर् ‎(sur), root of स्वरयति ‎(svarayati)

Etymology 2[edit]


स्वर् ‎(svar)

  1. root of स्वरति ‎(svarati)

Etymology 3[edit]

From Proto-Indo-Iranian *suHar- (compare Avestan hvar, Persian خور ‎(xvar)), ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *sóh₂wl̥. Cognate with Old English sōl, Old Norse sól, Gothic 𐍃𐌰𐌿𐌹𐌻 ‎(sáuil), Old Church Slavonic слъньцє ‎(slŭnĭce), Ancient Greek ἥλιος ‎(hḗlios), Latin sōl.


स्वर् ‎(svàr)

  1. sun
  2. sunshine, light
  3. sky, heaven (RV., etc.)
  4. space between the sun and the polar star, as the third of the व्याहृति ‎(vyāhṛti, names of the upper worlds used as mystical utterance) (Mn., MBh., etc.)
  5. water (Naigh.)
  6. a name of Shiva (MBh.)

Derived terms[edit]


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