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Etymology 1[edit]


곌 ←

괄 →



  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of , , and .

Etymology 2[edit]

Of native Korean origin.. Alternatively kor ("vale, valley").[1]

EB1911 - Volume 01 - Page 001 - 1.svg This entry lacks etymological information. If you are familiar with the origin of this term, please add it to the page per etymology instructions.
Particularly: “Surely not all of these are from the same native-Korean etymon? The various bone-related senses seem much more likely to be Sino-Korean, from Middle Chinese ‎(kwot). Middle Chinese borrowings that end in /t/ seem to often end in ᄅ in Korean.”



  1. gorge, gully, valley, alley
  2. ditch, drain, furrow
  3. cave, hole, hollow
  4. skull, cranium
  5. core, mold, gist
  6. marrow
  7. anger
  8. (고리 gori) ring
  9. (고을 go-eul) village
  10. (loanword) goal
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 3[edit]

Sino-Korean word from



‎(gol) ‎(hanja )

  1. bone, skeleton
Derived terms[edit]


  1. ^ International Journal of Central Asian Studies. Volume 1. 1996. "A Comparative Study of Korean and Turkic" by Choi Han-Woo (Hoseo University)