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From Latin -āceus.



-azo m (feminine -aza, plural -azos, feminine plural -azas)

  1. Forming augmentatives; words expressing greatness or size
    plan (plan) + ‎-azo → ‎planazo (great plan)
    gato (cat) + ‎-azo → ‎gatazo (large cat)
    cuerpo (body) + ‎-azo → ‎cuerpazo (sexy body)
  2. Forming pejoratives; words emphasizing contempt for a subject
    cabrón (asshole, bastard) + ‎-azo → ‎cabronazo (major asshole)
  3. Forming words expressing a hit or strike
    puño (fist) + ‎-azo → ‎puñetazo (punch, a hit with the fist)
    cabeza (head) + ‎-azo → ‎cabezazo (headbutt, a hit with the head)
  4. Forming words expressing suddenness or brevity
    teléfono (telephone) + ‎-azo → ‎telefonazo (a sudden ring of the telephone)
    ducha (shower) + ‎-azo → ‎duchazo (a quick shower)

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