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-m- +‎ -us


-mus (front vowel harmony variant -mys)

  1. Forms nouns from verbs. Variant of -us used with sallia-type verbs, and those muistaa and sanoa-type verbs whose stem consists of one syllable; the "m" is used to fill the gap as adding just "-us" would sound awkward.
    tutkia (to study, explore, investigate) + ‎-mus → ‎tutkimus (research, investigation)
    luottaa (to trust) + ‎-mus → ‎luottamus (trust)
  2. Forms names for people and things from stems.
    yli- (over, upper) + ‎-mus → ‎ylimys (aristocrat)
    surkea (miserable) + ‎-mus → ‎surkimus (weakling)
    pyhä (holy) + ‎-mus → ‎pyhimys (saint)
    iso (large) + ‎-mus → ‎isomus (large gold nugget)

Derived terms[edit]

Northern Sami[edit]


From Proto-Samic [Term?].


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-mus (with odd-syllable stems -eamọs)

  1. Forms the superlative of adjectives.

Usage notes[edit]

  • This suffix triggers the weak grade on a preceding stressed syllable.


Even a-stem, ss-s gradation
Attributive -mus
Nominative -mus
Genitive -musa
Attributive -mus
Singular Plural
Nominative -mus -musat
Accusative -musa -musaid
Genitive -musa -musaid
Illative -mussii -musaide
Locative -musas -musain
Comitative -musain -musaiguin
Essive -mussan

Derived terms[edit]