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From Middle High German affe, from Old High German affo, from Proto-West Germanic *apō, from Proto-Germanic *apô. The sense of drunkenness has been traced to the late 18th century, allegedly playing on the homophony of Czech opice (monkey or ape) and opít se (to get drunk), though the image of a monkey being a possessing demon is translingual, and thus Spanish mona (she-ape) also means drunkenness, Spanish mono (he-ape) withdrawal symptoms, English monkey a drug addiction.


  • IPA(key): [ˈafə]
  • (file)


Affe m (weak, genitive Affen, plural Affen, diminutive Äffchen n or Äfflein n, feminine (only for the animal) Äffin)

  1. monkey or ape (male or female or of unspecified sex)
  2. ellipsis of Fellaffe., a kind of furry military knapsack
  3. (slang, regional) drunkenness, alcohol intoxication
    • 2018, Tomazic, Daniel, Kuhnles Gesetz: Ein badischer Heimatkrimi aus dem Mittleren Westen, page 10:
      Da war er auf dem Weinfest und hat sich am Stand der lokalen Winzergenossenschaft, da gab es für Mitglieder alles umsonst, einen granatenmäßigen Affen angesoffen.
      There he was at the wine fair and got totally plastered at the stall of the local vintner association, where everything was free for members.


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  1. plural of Aff