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  1. 𐱄π°ͺ
  2. π°–π°‰π°žπ°΄
  3. 𐱄
  4. 𐰉𐰃𐰨𐰆
  5. 𐰽𐰆𐰸𐰆𐰽
  6. 𐰸𐱃𐰖
  7. 𐱅𐰃
  8. π°Όπ°šπ°ƒπ°€
  9. 𐰉𐰆𐰭
  10. 𐰛𐰝𐰒𐰛
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  1. 𐰎𐰿𐰎𐰁
  2. 𐰼𐱅𐰾
  3. 𐰀𐰲𐰾𐰴
  4. 𐰋𐰃𐱅𐰏
  5. π°ͺ𐰃𐰍
  6. 𐰋𐰃𐱅𐰃
  7. 𐰢𐰃𐱃π°ͺ
  8. 𐰃
  9. 𐰴𐰆𐰒𐰆𐰺𐰽𐰍𐰀
  10. 𐰯𐰀

Old Turkic entries that contain quotes that were added using templates such as {{quote}}, {{quote-book}}, {{quote-journal}}, etc.

For requests related to this category, see Category:Requests for quotations in Old Turkic. See also Category:Requests for collocations in Old Turkic and Category:Requests for example sentences in Old Turkic.

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