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Alternative forms[edit]


From Russian Град (Grad, codename for a type of multiple rocket launcher), from Russian град (grad, hail).



Grad (plural Grads)

  1. A type of Soviet artillery multiple rocket launcher, or a rocket fired by this.
    • 1989: Jane’s Defence Weekly, v 12, Coulsdon, UK: Jane’s, p 1050:
      It supplements the 220 mm BM-22 Uragan (‘Hurricane’) and 122 mm BM-21 Grad (‘Hail’) MRLs, already in service.
    • 1998: Field Artillery, Field Artillery Association (U.S.), p 7:
      The MRL systems Smerch, Uragan, and Grad are designed to destroy concentrations of personnel and various vehicles at distances up to 70 kilometers.
    • 2001: Olga Oliker, Russia’s Chechen Wars 1994–2000: Lessons from Urban Combat, Santa Monica, California: Rand, p 29:
      The Russians fought back with Grad rocket-launcher salvos and mortar attacks (they also made some use of armor).
    • 2009: Rockets from Gaza: Harm to Civilians from Palestinian Armed Groups’ Rocket Attacks, New York: Human Rights Watch, p 22:
      “[w]e saw Hamas come and put up rocket launchers and fire. We could tell they were Grads by the sound, which is louder and deeper than that of Qassams.”






Borrowed from French grade (a grade, degree), from Latin gradus (a step).



Grad m (strong, genitive Grades or Grads, plural Grade or Grad)

  1. degree
    0 Grad Celsius (0°C) sind 273,15 Kelvin.
    Zero degrees Celsius (0°C) are 273.15 Kelvin.

Usage notes[edit]

  • When used as a measuring unit (e.g. for temperature), the word always has the unchanged plural Grad: zwei Grad wärmer – "two degrees warmer"; einige Grad kühler – "some degrees cooler".
  • When not used as a measuring unit, the plural form is Grade: Die soziale Ungleichheit hat bisher ungekannte Grade erreicht. – "Social inequality has reached degrees previously unknown." This usage is less common than in English.


Derived terms[edit]

Further reading[edit]

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From grad.


Proper noun[edit]

Grad m pers or f

  1. a masculine surname
  2. a feminine surname


Masculine surname:

The feminine surname is indeclinable.