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From Middle High German hert, from Old High German herd, from Proto-West Germanic *herþ. Cognate with Dutch haard, English hearth.


  • IPA(key): /heːrt/, [heːɐ̯t], [hɛɐ̯t]
  • (file)


Herd m (genitive Herds or Herdes, plural Herde)

  1. cooker; stove
    Der Herd besteht aus einem Ofen und vier Herdplatten.
    The cooker consists of an oven and four rings.
  2. (by restriction) hob; cooktop
    Der Ofen ist aus, aber der Herd ist noch an.
    The oven is off, but the hob is still on.
    Eine Sekunde! Ich hab was auf dem Herd.
    One second! I have something [cooking] on the hob.
  3. (dated) fireplace, hearth
  4. (figuratively) the household as the traditional workplace of women
    Frauen gehören an den Herd.
    Women belong in the household.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The sense “fireplace” is still common in the compound Herdfeuer.



  • (hob, cooktop): Kochfeld (precise term, rarely in everyday use)

Derived terms[edit]

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