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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (sports) Abbreviation of Iceland.
  2. Institution of Civil Engineers
  3. (government, US) Immigration and Customs Enforcement - a law-enforcement agency of the United States Federal government.
  4. (rail transport) Intercity-Express (alternative spelling: "InterCityExpress") (German high speed train)


ICE (plural ICEs)

  1. (automotive) Acronym of internal combustion engine, internal-combustion engine.
  2. (computing) Initialism of internal compiler error.
  3. (computing) in-circuit emulator, in-circuit emulation
  4. Initialism of In Case of Emergency (used in mobile phones followed by the number to call if the phone’s owner is injured)
  5. (automotive) Initialism of in-car entertainment.
  6. Initialism of International Cultural Exchange.
  7. (medicine) Initialism of ice, compress, elevation (first-aid)
  8. Initialism of intercontinental exchange.


ICE (third-person singular simple present ICEs, present participle ICEing, simple past and past participle ICEd)

  1. (automotive, slang) To occupy a reserved electric car parking space (especially one equipped with a charger) with a traditional car equipped with an internal combustion engine.