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  1. (international standards) ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Iraq.
    Synonym: IRQ (alpha-3)


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Alternative forms[edit]



IQ (countable and uncountable, plural IQs)

  1. Initialism of intelligence quotient.
    • 1987, Roger R. Flynn, “[Data Organization and Use] Understanding the Data”, in An Introduction to Information Science, Marcel Dekker, Inc., →ISBN, page 129:
      A ratio scale is one with an absolute zero and equal intervals between the units of the scale. Height and weight are such scales. Presumably IQ is not, and certainly the Fahrenheit and centigrade scores are not.
    • 2017 December 10, Arwa Mahdawi, “Having a high IQ is a curse … just look at Donald Trump”, in The Guardian[1]:
      Not everyone is quite as enamoured with IQ tests as Trump. In 2004, the New York Times asked Stephen Hawking what his IQ was and he memorably replied: “People who boast about their IQ are losers.”
  2. (photography) Initialism of image quality.
  3. Initialism of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (Inuit traditional knowledge).

Derived terms[edit]



IQ (comparative more IQ, superlative most IQ)

  1. (slang) Smart, intelligent.
    That was an IQ play!




From English IQ.



IQ(アイキュー) (aikyū

  1. Synonym of 知能指数 (chinō shisū, intelligence quotient); IQ
    • 1995 June 1 [1993 February 17], Yōzaburō Kanari with Satō, Fumiya, “オペラ()(かん)(さつ)(じん)()(けん)”, in (きん)()(いち)(しょう)(ねん)()(けん)簿(), 14th edition, volume 1 (fiction), Tokyo: Kodansha, →ISBN, page 117:
      それにね (かれ)(ちゅう)(がく)での()(のう)テストの(けっ)()()たの そしたら‥‥(きん)()(いち)(くん)(知能)(指数)は〝180(ひゃくはちじゅう)〟という(すう)()()(ろく)していたわ‼
      そう これは(きょう)()(てき)(すう)()よ!()(ほん)(じん)(へい)(きん)(アイ)(キュー)100(ひゃく)ちょっとだから (かれ)はまさに(てん)(さい)(てき)()(のう)()(ぬし)———いいえ‥‥それだけじゃないわ‥‥それ()(じょう)(なに)かを (きん)()(いち)(くん)()っている(よう)()がするの
      Sore ni ne Kare no chūgaku de no chinō tesuto kekka o mitai no Soshitara‥‥ Kindaichi-kun no aikyū wa "hyakuhachijū" to iu sūchi o kiroku shite ita wa‼
      Aikyū wa hyakuhachijū‼ Sonna koto‥‥‼
      Sō kore wa kyōiteki na sūchi yo! Nihonjin no heikin aikyū wa hyaku chotto da kara Kare wa masa ni tensaiteki zunō no mochinushi——— Īe‥‥ Sore dake ja nai wa‥‥ Sore ijō no nani ka o Kindaichi-kun wa motte iru yō na ki ga suru no
      Besides, I saw the result of his IQ test in middle school. Turns out... Kindaichi-kun has a whopping IQ of 180!!
      An IQ of 180‼ Which means...!!
      Yes, a phenomenal number! The average Japanese person’s IQ is only about 100. Which means he possesses the brain of a genius— No... Not just that... I think there’s a lot more to Kindaichi-kun.


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Unadapted borrowing from English IQ.



IQ n (indeclinable)

  1. IQ
    Synonym: iloraz inteligencji

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IQ c or n

  1. IQ, intelligence quotient
    Synonym: intelligenskvot
    Den genomsnittliga IQ:n är 100.
    The average IQ is 100.
    Finns det något sätt för mig att höja mitt IQ?
    Is there any way for me to raise my IQ?


Definite common singular: IQ:n