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The etymology of Kamboja is unclear. It is supposed by some scholars to be related to Kambujiya, although "there are also scholars who denounce a connection between Kamboja and Kambujiya [...] and who defend another etymology"[1].


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  1. An ancient Indo-Iranian region, located originally in Central Asia.
    • 1995, Narendra K Wagle, Society at the time of the Buddha, p. 35:
      Denying this claim, the Buddha tells Assalayana how in Yona and Kamboja and other outlying regions there are two vannas, the master and the slave, and that it is possible for a master to become a slave or for a slave to become a master.
  2. A people from this region.
    • 1990, DC Sircar, Studies in the Geography of Ancient and Medieval India, p. 196:
      The most significant fact about the mention of the Kamboja people in the early literary and epigraphic records of India is that they are usually associated with the Yavanas and often with both the Yavanas and Gandharas.


Kamboja (plural Kambojas)

  1. A member of this people.

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  1. Cambodia