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Chart of the IPA[edit]

Extended IPA chart 2005.png



(two-thousandzies, two-thousand-zies)


  • IPA(key): /ˌtuː ˈθaʊzəndziːz/


Kwamikagami (uncountable)

  1. The decade that began on January 1, 2000 and ended on December 31, 2009.
    • 2014, Rachel Maddow, The Rachel Maddow Show, April 17:
      And then for a brief moment, from the late nineteen-nineties till the early two-thousandsies, there was a little Cadillac as well.
    • 2010, Frederico Moramarco, The City of Eden: Poems from a Life, page 101:
  • 2009 Holden Pike, "Favorite TV of the 2000s", Movie, Aug 23[1]
    And as this first decade winds down, how about your favorite shows of the 21st Century Aughts? Aaaaah, the Two-Thousandsies: I remember them well.
  • 2010 Moira Clunie, "More things I meant to tell you about", An Auckland Vegan, Oct 13[2]
    In the late nineties/ early two thousandsies, Roasted Addiqtion in Kingsland was an exciting place for an almost-vegan vegetarian to go for brunch.
  • 2011 John Cosby, "Reform is in the air!", Notes on the whiteboard, Mar 27[3]
    At the end of the two thousandsies, I think we were really making progress towards figuring out what would make our schools massively better.
  • 2011 Adam Goldman, "Going Hollywood", May 2011[4]
    So I have stayed in New York, [...] living the life of a young college graduate in the late two-thousandsies, which is to say "getting laid off several times."
  • 2011 Tom Houseman, "Oscar 2012: The Good, The Bad, and The Weird", Box Office Prophets, Nov 27[5]
    So when the Guilds started piling their awards on The King's Speech, everybody was kind of confused. Could this lighthearted period crowd-pleaser, a film that seemed to belong to the Oscar races of the late '80s rather than the late two-thousandsies, actually upset what was being called the film that defines a generation?
  • 2012 Kurt Giambastiani, "It Could Happen…", Nov 08[6]
    My first published novel, The Year the Cloud Fell, was a finalist for the award, back in the early two-thousandsies.
  • 2013? Kat Calvin, "Just Because You Have a Website Doesn't Mean You're 'In Tech' – Or Does It?", BIT Tech Digest, ≤ Jan 22[7] [comment 2013-Jan-22]
    In the 90s we probably needed to classify startups as “tech” or “non-tech”. [...] But now it’s the two thousandsies. You can’t go to the bathroom without using technology.
  • 2013 Kat Calvin, " Hairstory", emPower magazine, May 01[8]
    Of course, this was the early two thousandsies, before Miss Jessie’s was in Target and everywhere you looked there were hair blogs, forums, tweetups and specialty salons.
  • 2013 Margot Fernandez, "Might you be avoiding 'white food?'",, May 20[9]
    Hydrogenated oils were to the Fifties what High-Fructose Corn Syrup is to us in the Two-Thousandsies.
  • 2014 "The worst songs by the best bands", Harmonix, Feb. 10[10]
    In the 90's, everyone went grunge, and in the two thousandsies and today, it's....well, whatever you call today's music.

Oldest attestation:

  • Comment at The Portland Mercury[11]
    Re: "The Greatest Hold Steady Ticket Giveaway EVER!"
    I drink jack daniels and listen to lifter puller. Oh wait, that was the 90s and I don't remember much more than that. Now I'm older and not much wiser.
    Now in the two thousandsies I drink jack daniels and listen to the hold steady and think about how cool lifter puller was. Then I wake up more hung over than I used to feel.
    Posted by Jalank on 03/12/2009 at 11:55 AM

Fixing non-IPA tone notation[edit]

¹²³⁴⁵ > ˥˦˧˨˩ (or vice versa) and ⁻¹²³⁴⁵ > ꜒꜓꜔꜕꜖. reduce 55 > 5 only if not adjacent to another digit.

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DB list at e.g. Module:Unicode data/images/002

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  • IPA(key): /ʔɦǀ̃ˀǃ̃ˀǁ̃ˀʷʰː𝼆ʃʼ/ invalid IPA characters (𝼆)




Kwamikagami m

  1. Synonym: xhaano


Related terms[edit]

Category:Hadza lemmas


(Stenoscript abc shorthand, 1968, Kellerman et al.)


  1. (stenoscript) the sequence circ (or its sound) and the prefix circum-


  1. (stenoscript) Abbreviation of begin. and its inflections (began, begun, beginning)
  1. (stenoscript) (a) the words but, be and inflections (been, being), by and homophones (buy, bye)
    (b) a single consonant /b/ in a word, or a dominant /b/ in a cluster
    (c) the sequence /biː/



  1. (stenoscript) (a) an initial letter ⟨⟩
    (b) the long vowel /eɪ/ at the end of a word, or before a final consonant that is not j, v, z (the consonant is not written; [ɪə˞] counts as /iːr/)
    (c) the words a, an, A.M.
    (d) the prefix ad-
u: you, your, yours;; un-;; /u:/, /ju:/
   /-ure, -oor etc./ [U@r] 
   af: after
   ag: again
   ev: even, ever, every
   of: off, often
X       b: be, been, being; by, bye, buy; but;;
X       bg: begin, began, beginning, begun
X       B: -ble (incl. -able, -ible)
X       c: see, seen, seeing;; /ch/, /si:/
X       C: circ-, circum-
d: do, due, did, done, doing;; dis-, des-
   dz: does
D: day;;
f: for;;
   fm: from
F (~ 7-bar): full, fully
g: go, goes, gone, going;; -ing, /N/, /Ng/
h: had, have, having;;
   hz: has
j: -tion, -sion /dZ/
k: can, come, came, coming;; com-, con-, counter- /k/
l: all, well, will;; -ly (Bl -(a/i)bly; /El/
m: my, mine, am, him, many;; mis-, im-
M: month
n: in, neither, know, no, none, nor, not;; /En/
   ne: any
   nv: never
N: ent(e)r-, int(e)r-
O: out (aO about)
p: up, P.M.;;
   pn: upon
q: /Nk/, /kw/, /kju:/
r: are, her, hers, our, ours, hour;; /ar/
s: saw, us;; /s/
   sz: says
S: /st/, sub-
t: at, to, too
T: trans-
U: under
v: of, very;; -tive, -ive
V: over
w: we, were, who, whom;; /ow/ all positions
   wn: one
   wa: where
   wc: which   
   wz: whose
   w_: with
   w_O: without
W: week
x: -ious/-eous/-eus [i@s], -tial/-cial /S@l/, -tious/-cious/-xious /S@s/, /Eks/, /ks/
y: why;; -ry, -rry, /oi/ all positions
Y: year
z: as, was, his, she;; /sh/, /zh/, /zi:/
_ (em dash): the;; /th/ (_t that, _r their/there, _z these, _a they, _s this, _oz those), /nd/, /nt/, -mand, -mend, -ment (e.g. a__ amendment)
User:Kwamikagami/ : rd, rt, rc/rk, -ward
, : -nce/-nse
+: and

plural not written (dot under last letter optional), nor 3sg verbs, except hz 'has', sz 'says', dz 'does'

og: organize and derivations
ak: acknowledge and derivations

and similarly:

ac accompany, accomplish
adm administer
ap appreciate
apx approximate
as associate
bz business
co company
crp corporate
gvt government
imd immediate
ndv individual
nfo information
mf manufacture
mds mechandise 
op opportunity
prt particular
rp represent
rsp responsible
st satisfy
sit situation
spc specify