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add file:Women's health icon.svg to ♀︎. Note o for 'ore' in medieval greek in file:Marcianus_gr._299_fol_6.jpg; not a convention of Newton. File:Oberon symbol (fixed width).svg is a basic copper mineral (terre de cuivre, like soda for sodium) in that ms, etc.; inverted 'neuter' (old Venus) = Fr. rouille de cuivre = verdigris.

add Jupiter to Ƶ. add electrum to ♃.

note 🝇 vapour is cognate w 🝞 sublimation; same w inverse (earth and precipitation)

fix IPA celandine

note that ᶏ ᶐ ᶖ ᶙ have straight rt stroke into retro hook in orig IPA (Daniel Jones, “r-kʌləd vauəlz”, in lə mɛːtr fɔnetik [Le Maître phonétique], October-December 1940, p; 64 (, though modern fonts may attach hook to a serif. ᶕ may have hook on other side, like ᶔ 𝼛 ᶗ.

"And adding {{rfc|mul|Need meaning rather than graphical description}} to an existing entry is a valid process. --RichardW57m"

Comparison of glyph in various fonts: [1]

fix uu on Module:eo-pron

𝼟 𝼠 𝼡 𝼢 𝼣 𝼤 𝼫 𝼬

Tlingit US + Canadian.

Tyap [kcg], but need to confirm digraphs. Latin Ket? (Cyrl b, Ꞑꞑ -- no, n-comma. Kildin Saami as well.)

Add Mazahua caps: ,[ə], ,[ã], b,[ɓ], c,[k], cꞌ,[kʼ], cj,[kʰ], cu,[kʷ], cꞌu,[kʷʼ], cju,[kʷʰ], ch,[tʃ], chꞌ,[tʃʼ], chj,[tʃʰ], d,[ɗ], dy,[dz], e,[e], ɇ,[ɛ], ,[ɛ̃]/[ẽ], g,[ɡ], gu,[ɡʷ], hu,[w], ꞌhu,[w̰], i,[i], ,[ĩ], j,[j]/[h], jꞌ,[j̰], jm,[m̥], jn,[n̥], ,[ɲ̥], ju,[w̥], jy,[j̊], l,[l], m,[m], mꞌ,[m̰], n,[n], nꞌ,[n̰], ñ,[ɲ], ñꞌ,[ɲ̰], o,[o], ø,[ɔ], ,[õ]/[ɔ̃], p,[p], pj,[pʰ], r,[r], s,[s], sꞌ,[sʼ], sj,[sʰ], t,[t], tꞌ,[tʼ], tj,[tʰ], ts,[ts], tsꞌ,[tsʼ], tsj,[tsʰ], u,[u], ,[ɨ], ,[ũ], x,[ʃ], z,[z], zh,[ʒ], ,[ʔ],

Add Yele [yle]:

Orthography â a á d é e ê gh i î k l m n ń ng o ó p t u v w y
IPA ɑ a æ e ɛ ə ɣ i ɨ k l m ŋ ɔ o p u β w̪ [β̞͡ð̞] j
kp, dp, tp, ngm, nm, ńm, lv. Prenasalized /mp/ is written mb, but /nt̪/ and /ŋk/ are written nt and nk to distinguish them from nd /nt̠/ and ng /ŋ/. Prenasalized stops are written with an m when labial, including doubly articulated stops, as with md /n̠͡mt̠͡p/ or mg /ŋ͡mk͡p/, and with n otherwise. Nasal release is likewise written n or m, as in dny /t̠n̠ʲ/, kn /kŋ/, dm /t̠͡pn̠͡m/, km /k͡pŋ͡m/. Labialization is written w, and palatalization y, apart from ch for /tʲ/ and nj for /ntʲ/ (it is not clear if ch and nj are dental or (post-)alveolar).
꞉a for /ã/

full Shona [sn]

Chart of the IPA[edit]

Display fonts[edit]

If you "view page source" a page, you can see what classes are assigned in the HTML to any particular thing on the page, and then set fonts for those classes in your Special:MyPage/common.css (like this). In this case, if I correctly understand what you're looking to change, you can put

.mw-headline {
	font-family: 'Segoe UI Historic', BukyVede, Dilyana, 'Noto Sans Glagolitic', sans-serif;
to make the text of pages' ==English==, ===Noun===, and other headers appear in the fonts that are used for Glagolitic, and/or put
.headword-line {
	font-family: 'Mongolian Baiti', 'Noto Sans Mongolian', sans-serif;
to make the headword itself display in the fonts that are used for Mongolian.



(two-thousandzies, two-thousand-zies)


  • en


Kwamikagami (uncountable)

  1. The decade that began on January 1, 2000 and ended on December 31, 2009.
    • 2014, Rachel Maddow, The Rachel Maddow Show, April 17:
      And then for a brief moment, from the late nineteen-nineties till the early two-thousandsies, there was a little Cadillac as well.
    • 2010, Frederico Moramarco, The City of Eden: Poems from a Life, page 101:
  • 2009 Holden Pike, "Favorite TV of the 2000s", Movie, Aug 23[2]
    And as this first decade winds down, how about your favorite shows of the 21st Century Aughts? Aaaaah, the Two-Thousandsies: I remember them well.
  • 2010 Moira Clunie, "More things I meant to tell you about", An Auckland Vegan, Oct 13[3]
    In the late nineties/ early two thousandsies, Roasted Addiqtion in Kingsland was an exciting place for an almost-vegan vegetarian to go for brunch.
  • 2011 John Cosby, "Reform is in the air!", Notes on the whiteboard, Mar 27[4]
    At the end of the two thousandsies, I think we were really making progress towards figuring out what would make our schools massively better.
  • 2011 Adam Goldman, "Going Hollywood", May 2011[5]
    So I have stayed in New York, [...] living the life of a young college graduate in the late two-thousandsies, which is to say "getting laid off several times."
  • 2011 Tom Houseman, "Oscar 2012: The Good, The Bad, and The Weird", Box Office Prophets, Nov 27[6]
    So when the Guilds started piling their awards on The King's Speech, everybody was kind of confused. Could this lighthearted period crowd-pleaser, a film that seemed to belong to the Oscar races of the late '80s rather than the late two-thousandsies, actually upset what was being called the film that defines a generation?
  • 2012 Kurt Giambastiani, "It Could Happen…", Nov 08[7]
    My first published novel, The Year the Cloud Fell, was a finalist for the award, back in the early two-thousandsies.
  • 2013? Kat Calvin, "Just Because You Have a Website Doesn't Mean You're 'In Tech' – Or Does It?", BIT Tech Digest, ≤ Jan 22[8] [comment 2013-Jan-22]
    In the 90s we probably needed to classify startups as “tech” or “non-tech”. [...] But now it’s the two thousandsies. You can’t go to the bathroom without using technology.
  • 2013 Kat Calvin, " Hairstory", emPower magazine, May 01[9]
    Of course, this was the early two thousandsies, before Miss Jessie’s was in Target and everywhere you looked there were hair blogs, forums, tweetups and specialty salons.
  • 2013 Margot Fernandez, "Might you be avoiding 'white food?'",, May 20[10]
    Hydrogenated oils were to the Fifties what High-Fructose Corn Syrup is to us in the Two-Thousandsies.
  • 2014 "The worst songs by the best bands", Harmonix, Feb. 10[11]
    In the 90's, everyone went grunge, and in the two thousandsies and today, it's....well, whatever you call today's music.

Oldest attestation:

  • Comment at The Portland Mercury[12]
    Re: "The Greatest Hold Steady Ticket Giveaway EVER!"
    I drink jack daniels and listen to lifter puller. Oh wait, that was the 90s and I don't remember much more than that. Now I'm older and not much wiser.
    Now in the two thousandsies I drink jack daniels and listen to the hold steady and think about how cool lifter puller was. Then I wake up more hung over than I used to feel.
    Posted by Jalank on 03/12/2009 at 11:55 AM

Fixing non-IPA tone notation[edit]

¹²³⁴⁵ > ˥˦˧˨˩ (or vice versa) and ⁻¹²³⁴⁵ > ꜒꜓꜔꜕꜖. reduce 55 > 5 only if not adjacent to another digit.

Online AWB[edit]

Changing image that displays for a Unicode character entry[edit]

DB list at e.g. Module:Unicode data/images/002

Python script to create Wikt pages from a DB[edit]



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Kwamikagami m

  1. Synonym: xhaano


Related terms[edit]

Category:Hadza lemmas


(Stenoscript abc shorthand, 1968, Kellerman et al.)

Initiation à la phonétique[edit]

p b ꝑ ƀ ȹ ȸ t̪ d̪ t d ʈ ɖ c ɟ k ɡ q ɢ      ʔ     Cʷ   Cᶣ ~ Cʷ̈   Cʲ ~ Cʸ    Cᶛ ~ Cᵒ   Cˀ + ˀC    Cʰ
  m   ɱ     n̪   n   ɳ   ɲ   ŋ   ɴ
ɸ β f v ȹ ȸ þ ð 
ɸ β ƒ ʋ ȹ ȸ θ ẟ
                s z ʂ ʐ ç j x ɣ X ʁ ħ ʕ h ɦ ʍ w
                ʃ ʒ ʂ ʐ ɕ ʑ
                ɹ̭ ɹ ʂ ʐ ç j χ γ(ꭓ)ʁ        (ო)ω
                  l   ɭ   ʎ   ʟ   ʟ
                ɬ ɮ ꞎ 𝼅 𝼆(ʎʒ)
    f̂ v̂/(ⱴ)     ɾ̭ ɾ ɽ̌ ɽ     ʀ̭ ʀ ʀ̭ ʀ
ᴩ̂ ʙ̂             r̭ r         ʀ̭̌ ʀ̌ ʀ̭̌ ʀ̌
ʘ̭ ʘ
             /   ≠   !
            ʇ ɣ ʗ̭ 𝒬 - -
            cgc qgq 
             ʇ̃   ʗ̃