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These are the things that happen in the course of editing which would not normally merit a page, but it gives a chuckle to know they do happen.

See also WP:BJAODN.



"Its used in a time to measure the Dinosaurs centuries."


"A person who gets into a relationship to have somewhere to stay"

oh long Johnson[edit]

"A phrase said by a cat in a viral YouTube video, popularized by the episode "Faith Hilling" from South Park."

het gras is altijd groener aan de overkant[edit]

From alternative forms:

  • "de vrouw van de buurman is altijd groener dan je gras" ("the neighbour's wife is always greener than your grass")


Boffercriss Americriss[edit]


The bopher (Boffercriss Americriss) is a species of the animal group boffercriss . Also known as bofers, bophers are considered one of the premier animals in America. "Though they may be small in size and stature, Boffercriss Americriss is one of the most deadly animals in America, capable of consuming a whole adult human being in less than five minutes,"the Peneguin


Bophers only reside in California, primarily in Southern California.


The process of how Jimmy Haslam ruins a truck stop by converting it to a Pilot or Flying J.


Definition: Brelundin (noun) is a main meal taken once in the day to replace breakfast, lunch and dinner. The term Brelundin is an abbreviation and stands for Bre(Breakfast), Lun (Lunch), Din (Dinner). It is used as a means of dieting for people who are busy throughout their day. The one meal tends to be had in the evening but it is up to the individuals preference. The term was created by Stephen Geddes due to an extremely busy schedule.



Greenhorn Cells[edit]

Definitely Recommend the Mood to die daytime the blood move to the mood’s spams to spam blood for 100%. Greenhorns cells goes to the sky. Not sure right for 分 to spam. Spammers gonna mix モ to make キ. Sarangi Moods have the Greenhorn Cells. 5.9 millimeters for speed of Greenhorn Cells that blood goes faster. Using -+|+- transform the cells.

Proton Blood flying 666.66666667 speed. Senseless bloodshed AirPlay keeps bloodless for 2 times.

for 777 blood put 人. 🉑️ Has Circulation XML (Xenophobia Mood Life) to WXS (Washington Xenophobia Synth).

2•8 SOS (五里ぷヴ里ぷロ個李) B.B. comes 乙 for 590.4621490356832904 speed. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/76/Flag_of_Shinjuku%2C_Tokyo.svg/2560px-Flag_of_Shinjuku%2C_Tokyo.svg.png

Meaning of Carlos[edit]

A super cool name only given to very special people that usually have very big dicks and like their hair long.

Niko defence league[edit]

Niko is a beautiful man we love you niko

Priangan Residency[edit]

It is the Netherlands that is lost and defeated by the Indonesia by one Indonesian hero that climb up the pole and rip the blie part of the Netherlands flag and Indonesia is independent in 17 August 1995 and the Netherlands leave from Indonesia.

Usage notes at clit[edit]

When you type Condom in the YouTube search box, the Autocomplete search suggestions go blank the moment you type the M, so Condominium also has no suggestions. Ironically enough, Clit does not get given the same treatment, so Clitellum and other similar words are not censored though Clitoris DOES get censored.

ferb latin[edit]

here's the ferb latin from phineas and ferb.


  • ello-herb
  • ow-herb re-aerb ou-yerb
  • ood-gerb
  • eady-rerb to at-eerb?
  • es-yerb
  • o-nerb
  • aybe-merb
  • ppendix-aerb: erb-ferb atin-lerb adesh-swerb ist-lerb
  • ikitonary-werb
  • omputer-cerb
  • nake-serb
  • erry-cherb
  • arwberry-sterb
  • oodbye-gerb
  • usted-berb
  • latypus-perb
  • dit-eerb
  • eamed-sterb ams-herb
  • hoe-serb
  • ondon-lerb
  • ngland-eerb
  • sabella-ierb
  • ineas-pherb nd-aerb erb-ferb
  • tar-serb vs he-terb roces-ferb of vil-eerb
  • ungry-herb et-yerb
  • elevision-terb
  • ar-cerb
  • azzhand-jerb
  • ell-smerb
  • ovely-lerb
  • og-derb
  • at-cerb
  • ow-cerb
  • edgehog-herb
  • ineas-pherb
  • uford-berb
  • apan-jerb
  • even-sterb niverse-uerb
  • ym-serb ionic-berb itan-terb
  • ocko's-rerb odern-merb ife-lerb
  • ongebob-sperb uarepants-sqerb
  • en-terb enty-twerb
  • i'm ack-berb
  • orn-herb
  • erry-perb the -laytpus-perb
  • im-kerb ossible-perb
  • emon-lerb
  • anilla-verb
  • ocolate-cherb
  • ina-cherb
  • outh-serb orea-kerb
  • hy-werb
  • isney-derb
  • OK KO et's-lerb be eroes-herb
  • Onkey-derb ong-kerb
  • ac-perb-an-merb
  • ne-oerb
  • wo-terb
  • ree-therb
  • ikipedia-werb
  • inecraft-merb
  • inner-derb
  • unch-lerb
  • reakfast-berb
  • ree-terb
  • apcom-cerb
  • arvel-merb
  • aunch-lerb

so at-wherb do ou-yerb ink-therb of he-terb erb-ferb atin-lerb, that's ferb latin for so what do you think of the ferb latin?


Every time that you sneeze you get 1.1 percent smarter. Also when you cough you get 2 percent English taken away.

Joke edit at Wiktionary:Sandbox[edit]

Where, historically, the word cums from; for example: From Middle English word, from Old English word (“word, speech, sentence, statement, command, order, subject of talk, story, news, report, fame, promise, verb”), from Proto-Germanic *wurdą (“word”). Doublet verb.

Orange Bright Burny Thing[edit]

It is a burny thing that hurts when you touch it and if you stay in it too long it turns you into black ashy thing called ash.

Description of a cat in the imagination of an IP user[edit]

"The cat has bright blue wings and poops rainbows."

1669 in Bulgaria[edit]

What a great year this was for the Bulgarians. They finally gained independence from rastchadeus who was an evil Native god who had possession over the land of Bulgaria. They conquered rastchadeus in the spring of 69’ so they spent the rest of the year celebrating with many feasts and parades. Their feasting including swollen rat livers and dehydrated lamb intestines as they thought this was the best way to sacrifice to rastchadeus. They all grew sick and that’s why 1669 in Bulgaria is such a blur to me at least.

Horribly edited vandalism at paashaasschaamhaarverzamelaar[edit]

De paashaasschaamhaarverzamelaar is een beruchte paashaas. Deze paashaas die schaamhaar verzameld is uit op wraak. Hij dook voor het eerst op in 1846 in Ninove cartier. Deze paashaasschaamhaarverzamelaar is eigenlijk de broer van de echte paashaas. Maar hier praat hij liever niet over. De paashaasschaamhaarverzamelaar kan soms zeer agressief uit de hoek komen en je schaamhaar er af rukken zonder medeleiden. Soms staat hij snachts plots aan je bed en bijt je schaamhaar haar voor haar uit met zijn konijnentandjes. Deze paashaasschaamhaarverzamelaar heeft ook al enkele verkrachtings daden op zijn naam staan, in het jaar 2014 heeft hij zo maar liefst 1876 mensen ongewild misbruikt en verkracht. Deze paashaasschaamhaarverzamelaar is rond de 60 jaar en zijn echte naam zou volgens sommige mensen Walter Klets.

Wat je het beste kan doen om ongewenste bezoekjes te krijgen van deze perverse paashaas is je schaamhaar regelmatig afdoen dat deze niet langer word dan 0.8mm. Leg vervolgens je schaamhaar voor de deur zodat de paashaasschaamhaarverzamelaar deze in zijn buidel kan steken en er aan kan snuffelen.

Toen hij jong was was hij de enige in de familie zonder schaamhaar en verzameld daarom schaamhaar voor op zijn geslachtsdeel te plakken. De paashaasschaamhaarverzamelaar kende een moeilijke jeugd, hij werd altijd als minderwaaridge gezien. Omdat zijn broer de paashaas zoveel aandacht en liefde kreeg onder de mensen kreeg hij geen waardering van zijn ouders. Zijn vader "BigPapiBunny" had immens veel schaamhaar waardoor hij zich nog slechter in zijn vel voelde en weg liep van huis.

From Wiktionary:Translation requests before it was closed[edit]

From [English] to [Wiktionary editors' cant] (10:35, 13 November 2020 (UTC))[edit]

This page is pretty dead; nobody answers the requests anymore.

-- 10:35, 13 November 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

This was "translated" into "Wiktionary editors' cant" by posting at the beer parlour.

national throw short people day[edit]

In October 21 throw short people who are under 5'5.


"A character in the game Among Us who's [sic] purpose is to kill other opponents"


"the fish with the teeth"

German Regelbasisableger[edit]

  1. control base scion

Long German palindrome protologism (Regel +‎ Basis +‎ Ableger). Mainspace article from 27 July 2006 until 3 March 2022, credit to User:Beobach972. — Fytcha T | L | C 〉 10:08, 3 March 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]


this is very illegal to be creating a website that is unauthorised to be legal and i am a police officer so i am going to find your location [because i can hack legally]whom to have created this site shall be found and arrested for this eleggal trait to mankind and i forbid you to wright on another website again!!!



That one time a vandal accidentally added the delete template to his vandalic entry himself[edit]

Template:SaghfitonFytcha T | L | C 〉 17:45, 6 July 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

dad joke[edit]

(Dad's Version) Humor created by individuals with superior intellect that is not immediately comprehensible by most humans and are commonly built with multiple levels of integrated complexity