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Alternative forms[edit]


13th century. Unknown. Cognate of Portuguese abranger, probably from a pre-Roman substrate of Iberia,[1] maybe related to Latin branca (paw); in that case, ultimately from Celtic.



abranguer (first-person singular present abrango, first-person singular preterite abranguín, past participle abranguido)

  1. to pick, reach, attain
    • 1853, Camilo Álvarez de Castro, [Carta a Rosalía de Castro]:
      vendo aí tantos homes de testa, capaces d'abranguer moito e ben, que puderan facer esculcas e recoller as cantigas i os contos de cada eido
      seeing so many intelligent, capable men who could attain a lot ably, who could make enquiries and recollect the songs and the tales of every place [of Galicia]
    Synonyms: acadar, atanguer, atanxir
  2. to embrace, span, contain
    Synonyms: abarcar, abrazar, cinguir



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