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From an- +‎ schreiben.


  • IPA(key): /ˈʔanʃʁaɪ̯bm̩/, /ˈʔanʃʁaɪ̯bən/
  • (file)


anschreiben (class 1 strong, third-person singular present schreibt an, past tense schrieb an, past participle angeschrieben, auxiliary haben)

  1. (transitive) to write to (to address somebody in writing, especially via mail)
    Sie musste ihn mehrmals anschreiben, weil sie keine Antwort erhielt.
    She had to write to him several times, because she did not receive an answer.
  2. (transitive) to write on/up (to form letters, words or symbols on a surface, such as a blackboard, in order to communicate)
  3. (transitive) to charge (something to someone's account)
    Er läßt schon wieder beim Laden anschreiben.
    He had it charged to his account again at the store.
    (literally, “He let it be written again at the store.”)
  4. (intransitive) to begin to write (to produce a mark when used as a writing instrument)
    Ein hochwertiger Füller sollte sofort anschreiben.
    A high-quality fountain-pen should write immediately.


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