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From Middle French, from Old French baril, bareil (barrel), of uncertain origin. An attempt to link baril to Old French barre (bar, bolt) (compare Medieval Latin barra (bar, rod)) via assumed Vulgar Latin *barrīculum meets the phonological requirement, but fails to connect the word semantically. The alternate connection to Frankish *baril, *beril, or Gothic 𐌱𐌴𐍂𐌹𐌻𐍃 (berils, container for transport), from Proto-Germanic *bērilaz (barrel, jug, container), from Proto-Indo-European *bher-, *bhrē- (to carry, transport), is more plausible as it connects not only the form of the word but also the sense. Compare also Old High German biril (jug, large pot), Luxembourgish Bärel, Bierel (jug, pot), Old Norse berill (barrel for liquids), Old English byrla (barrel of a horse, trunk, body). More at bear.


baril m (plural barils)

  1. barrel (volume used to measure petroleum and similar products)


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Old French[edit]


baril m (oblique plural bariz or barilz, nominative singular bariz or barilz, nominative plural baril)

  1. small barrel



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