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  1. inflection of bonus:
    1. nominative/accusative/vocative neuter singular
    2. accusative masculine singular



  1. accusative singular of bonus


bonum n (genitive bonī); second declension

  1. A moral good.
    Synonyms: rēctum, virtūs
    Antonyms: vitium, culpa, malum, iniūria, noxa, crīmen, peccātum, dēlictum, error
  2. (in the plural) possessions
    Synonyms: fortūna, rēs


Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative bonum bona
Genitive bonī bonōrum
Dative bonō bonīs
Accusative bonum bona
Ablative bonō bonīs
Vocative bonum bona


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    • (ambiguous) to enjoy good health: bona (firma, prospera) valetudine esse or uti (vid. sect. VI. 8., note uti...)
    • (ambiguous) to have a good or bad reputation, be spoken well, ill of: bona, mala existimatio est de aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to be gifted, talented (not praeditum esse by itself): bona indole (always in sing.) praeditum esse
    • (ambiguous) to be brave, courageous: bonum animum habere
    • (ambiguous) to consider virtue the highest good: summum bonum in virtute ponere
    • (ambiguous) natural advantages: naturae bona
    • (ambiguous) may heaven's blessing rest on it: quod bonum, faustum, felix, fortunatumque sit! (Div. 1. 45. 102)
    • (ambiguous) to bless (curse) a person: precari alicui bene (male) or omnia bona (mala), salutem
    • (ambiguous) to possess means, to be well off: rem or opes habere, bona possidere, in bonis esse
    • (ambiguous) to squander all one's property: lacerare bona sua (Verr. 3. 70. 164)
    • (ambiguous) to confiscate a person's property: bona alicuius publicare (B. G. 5. 54)
    • (ambiguous) to restore to a person his confiscated property: bona alicui restituere
    • (ambiguous) allow me to say: bona (cum) venia tua dixerim