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bw (uncountable)

  1. Abbreviation of bodyweight.
  2. Abbreviation of birth weight.






  1. place
  2. thing
  3. (with a following adjective) forms abstract nouns; -ness


Derived terms[edit]



  1. (Late Egyptian, with following verb in the sdm.f form) not; forms the negative aorist of verbs
  2. (Late Egyptian, with following verb in the sdmt.f form (from the Middle Egyptian terminative)) not yet
  3. (Late Egyptian, chiefly literary, with following verb in the sdm.f form) not; forms the negative preterite of verbs

Usage notes[edit]

The verb used with bw in forming the negative aorist is usually periphrastic jrj, which is then followed by the main verb in the infinitive; however, when the main verb is rḫ or when the text belongs to a high linguistic register, periphrastic jrj is often not used and the main verb is directly negated instead. In forming the ‘not yet’ construction, periphrastic jrj is usually used, but especially with verbs of motion the main verb is sometimes directly negated instead. Periphrastic jrj is not used in forming the negative preterite.

Derived terms[edit]


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