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M22 M22

 proximal demonstrative pronoun

  1. this, that

Usage notes[edit]

This demonstrative is a pronoun, and so does not directly modify nouns. In Middle Egyptian it becomes used as a demonstrative for plural nouns in place of the old adjectives jpn and jptn. When used in this way, it precedes the noun, with the genitival adjective n(j) in between, e.g. "these feet" is nn n(j) rdw (literally "this of feet").

It forms a contrastive pair with the demonstrative pronoun nf, in which nn is proximal.


Alternative forms[edit]




  1. (since Middle Egyptian) not; negates an adverbial or adjectival sentence
  2. (since Middle Egyptian, uncommon) not; negates a nominal sentence [since the 12th Dynasty]
  3. (since Middle Egyptian, with a following noun or pronoun) there is no, there are no; introduces a negated existential clause
  4. (since Middle Egyptian, following a noun, with a following noun or pronoun) without; there not being any …
  5. (since Middle Egyptian, used without anything negated following) or not; contrasts with a preceding clause or phrase

Usage notes[edit]

  • When negating an adverbial or adjectival sentence, this particle stands near the beginning of the negated sentence, before the subject, but it can be preceded by other particles. It is followed by a nominal subject, a demonstrative pronoun, or a dependent pronoun as subject.
  • When (exceptionally) negating a nominal sentence, this particle either pairs with the particle js like the ordinary negative particle for nominal sentences, nj, or simply stands by itself at the beginning of the sentence.

Derived terms[edit]

Further reading[edit]

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  1. (Internet slang, text messaging, slang) Abbreviation of non.




  1. (Internet slang, text messaging) Alternative form of n (not)


nn m

  1. (Internet slang, text messaging) Alternative form of n (no)



  1. (Internet slang, text messaging) Alternative form of n (no)