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Borrowed from Latin capitulum.


capitulum (plural capitula)

  1. (botany) A densely clustered inflorescence composed of a large number of individual florets arising from a platform-like base.
  2. (arachnology) The head-like mouthpart apparatus of a tick, including the palpi, mandibles, and hypostome.
  3. (anatomy) A small protuberance on a bone which articulates into another bone to form a ball-and-socket joint.
  4. (entomology, obsolete) The enlarged end of a proboscis.



From caput (head) + -ulum (-ling: forming diminutives)



capitulum n (genitive capitulī); second declension

  1. A head-like object or structure.
  2. (Late Latin) A chapter, either:
    1. A prominent section or formal division of a text.
    2. Various civic and ecclesiastical councils or bodies, as cathedral chapters.


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative capitulum capitula
genitive capitulī capitulōrum
dative capitulō capitulīs
accusative capitulum capitula
ablative capitulō capitulīs
vocative capitulum capitula

Alternative forms[edit]

  • (part or division of a writing): cap., c.


  • (Late Latin: prominent part or division of a writing): caput

Derived terms[edit]



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