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From the verb phrase carry on.


carry-on (not comparable)

  1. Taken onto an airplane with a passenger, rather than checked.
    It's a compact suitcase, but it makes a good carry-on bag.



carry-on (plural carry-ons)

  1. That luggage or baggage which is taken onto an airplane with a passenger, rather than checked.
    Do you think they'll accept my ski poles as carry-on?
  2. (Britain, New Zealand) An activity that is done in an excessively excitable or anxious manner.
    • 2002, Lynne Graham, The Italian's Wife:
      "I love salad",she dared when it came to the next course, and then inwardly cringed when it seemed that that was actually a special order and there was such a carry-on about what kind of salad she wanted.
    • 2011, November 27, “Kitty Empire”, in The Observer:
      The stopping, restarting, swearing and routine self-deprecation ("I'm in trouble with the vicar – eternal trouble," quips Martin) is the kind of carry-on that has fans purring with pleasure.



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