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Cepumi (2)


From cep(t) (to bake) +‎ -ums.




cepums m (1st declension)

  1. (usually singular) something roasted, fried, baked
    vakardienas cepuma maizeyesterday's bread (lit. yesterday's baked bread
    tuvojas pusdienas, un virtuvē kaut kas cepas... čurkst tauki, un cepuma smarža kutina mūsu degunuslunch time was near, and something was being fried in the kitchen... frying noises, and the smell of something fried tickled our noses
  2. cookie, biscuit, cracker, shortbread (small pastries mostly made of flour, sugar, fat and eggs)
    cukura cepumi(sugar) cookies
    sāļie cepumicrackers (lit. salty cookies)
    sviesta cepumibutter cookies
    cietie cepumihard cookies
    sausie cepumidry cookies, biscuits
    trauslie cepumibrittle cookies
    smilšu cepumishortbread (lit. sand cookies)
    kopējā maizes deva, cepumus ieskaitot, bērna dienas uzturā ir 100-200 gramuthe total amount of bread, including cookies, in the (suggested) daily diet of a child is 100-200 grams
    glāzēs salieta tēja, un stikla traukā ir cepumi... tie vēl silti, smaržo pēc riekstiemtea had been poured into the glasses, and there were cookies on the glass tray... these (were) still warm and smelled of nuts