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From cynnyrch (produce, product, production; fruits of the earth, crops, etc.; growth, increase, progress, prosperity; waxing (of the moon); gain, profit, interest; result, outcome; the present time; presence) +‎ -u.





cynhyrchu (first-person singular present cynhyrchaf)

  1. to bring forth (fruit, seed, etc.), yield or grow crop (of), supply, furnish
    1. to cause (to happen), effect, bring into existence, make, manufacture (goods, etc.)
    2. to be the author of, compose
  2. to bring forward, present to view or notice, offer for inspection or consideration
    1. to produce (play, etc.)
    2. to proceed, emanate
    3. to present, offer
    4. to represent
  3. to grow, increase; to cause to increase
  4. to quicken, inspire


  • cynhyrchiad m (act or process of producing, production; product, produce; a coming (out), advent, appearance; reception, welcome; increase, growth, development, nurture)
  • cynhyrchiol (fertile, prolific, abounding, productive; increasing, flourishing; pertaining to (vegetable) produce; originating, emanating; original, primitive; present; pertaining to this world, worldy; present (of tense); representing (another), by proxy)
  • cynhyrchydd m (producer, generator)


Welsh mutation
radical soft nasal aspirate
cynhyrchu gynhyrchu nghynhyrchu chynhyrchu
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.


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