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From Latin dēsiccāre (to dry completely, dry up) +‎ -ate (verb suffix indicating acting in the specified manner).[1] Dēsiccāre is derived from dēsiccō (to dessicate, dry up; to drain dry) (from dē- (prefix meaning ‘completely, to exhaustion’) + siccō (to dry; to drain, exhaust), from siccus (dry), from Proto-Indo-European *seyk-) + -āre.

The adjective is derived from Latin dēsiccātus (dried up),[2] the perfect passive participle of dēsiccō: see above. The noun is derived from the adjective.[3]



desiccate (third-person singular simple present desiccates, present participle desiccating, simple past and past participle desiccated)

  1. (transitive) To remove moisture from; to dry. [from late 16th c.]
    Synonyms: dehydrate, exiccate (obsolete), exsiccate, parch
    Antonyms: hydrate, moisten, moisturize, wet
    • 1627, [Francis Bacon], “IX. Century. [Experiment Solitary Touching the Two Kinds of Pneumaticals in Bodies.]”, in Sylua Syluarum: Or A Naturall Historie: In Ten Centuries. [], London: Published after the authors death, by VVilliam Rawley; printed by I[ohn] H[aviland and Augustine Mathewes] for William Lee [], OCLC 1044242069; 3rd edition, London: Published [] by VVilliam Rawley; printed by J[ohn] H[aviland] for William Lee [], 1631, OCLC 1044372886, paragraph 842, page 215:
      [] As in Bodies deſsiccate, by Heat, or Age; For in them, when the Natiue Spirit goeth forth, and the Moiſture with it, the Aire with time getteth into the Pores.
  2. (transitive) To preserve by drying. [from late 16th c.]
  3. (intransitive, rare) To become dry; to dry up.

Derived terms[edit]

Terms derived from dessicate (verb)

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Terms related to dessicate (verb)


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desiccate (comparative more desiccate, superlative most desiccate)

  1. Having had moisture removed; dehydrated, dessicated.
    Synonym: dried



desiccate (plural desiccates)

  1. A substance which has been dessicated, that is, had its moisture removed.



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  1. second-person plural present active imperative of dēsiccō