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Alternative forms[edit]


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feni (usually uncountable, plural fenis)

  1. (India) An alcoholic drink made in Goa, India, from fermented cashew apples or coconut toddy (sap).
    • 2003, Paul Harding, Goa, page 71,
      A shot of Indian-made spirits is about Rs 40 to 60 (mixers cost extra) and a shot of feni is Rs 20. [] Goans are keen to offer advice to foreigners; don't drink it on an empty stomach, don't mix it with other spirits, and certainly don't swim after a couple of fenis.
    • 2006, Frank Simoes, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Feni but Were Too Drunk to Ask, Jerry Pinto (editor), Reflected in Water: Writings on Goa, page 243,
      The Department of Agriculture's official definition of feni is many soulless removes from its ebullient metaphysics; ‘Feni (the more accurate rendering, as opposed to the Portuguese 'fenim') has achieved the status of a generic term applying to a wide variety of distilled alcoholic liquors derived from extracts of the coconut palm and the cashew fruit.'
    • 2009, Bhaichand Patel, Happy Hours: The Penguin Book of Cocktails, unnumbered page,
      Feni is really country liquor that has risen from its lowly status. [] Whatever claims the Goans may lay to its potency, feni is no stronger than whisky or vodka.

Derived terms[edit]




feni m

  1. plural of feno





  1. genitive singular of fēnum

Old French[edit]



  1. past participle of fenir