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From Middle High German fertec, from Old High German fartīg, from the noun fart (journey). Cognate with Dutch vaardig, Low German fardig, Old English fierd (expedition, campaign). More at ferd.


  • (standard, northern and central Germany) IPA(key): /ˈfɛrtɪç/, [ˈfɛɐ̯tɪç], [ˈfɛʁtɪç]
  • (colloquial, northern and central Germany) IPA(key): /fɛ(ː)dɪç/, [ˈfɛ(ː)dɪç], [ˈfɛɾɪç]
  • (standard, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland) IPA(key): /ˈfɛrtiɡ/, [ˈfɛɐ̯tik], [ˈfɛrtik]
  • (file)


fertig (comparative fertiger, superlative am fertigsten)

  1. (of something made) ready for use; done; fully prepared
    Der Kaffee ist fertig.
    The coffee’s ready.
  2. (of a task to be completed) done; finished; complete
    Die Arbeit ist fertig.
    The work is done.
  3. (informal, of something limited by time) finished; over
    Ist das Spiel schon fertig?
    Is the game over already?
  4. (of a living being, with zu or für) ready to start; fully prepared
    Ich bin fertig zum Laufen.
    I’m ready for running.
  5. (of a living being, with mit) done; having finished
    Ich bin fertig mit dem Laufen.
    I’m done (with) running.
  6. (informal, of a living being) exhausted; beat; bushed
    Ich bin total fertig.
    I’m totally beat.



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