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Alternative forms[edit]


16th century, from hundred +‎ weight.


hundredweight (plural hundredweight or hundredweights)

  1. A measure of weight containing a hundred pounds, variously understood as
    1. (Canada, US) A unit of measurement containing 100 avoirdupois pounds (45.5 kg).
    2. (UK, chiefly historical) A unit of measurement containing 112 avoirdupois pounds (8 st or 51 kg).
      • 1882, James Edwin Thorold Rogers, A History of Agriculture and Prices in England, volume IV, page 209:
        The hundredweight of 112 avoirdupois lbs. becomes general in the period before me, and is employed for the commoner kinds of materials.
    3. (historical) Synonym of quintal, a unit of measurement containing various amounts depending on the objects weighed.
    4. (historical) Various units of ancient measurement systems consisting of 100 units usually translated as "pounds".

Usage notes[edit]

The long hundredweight has fallen out of general use since the metrication of Britain and the Commonwealth; the short hundredweight is still in common use in the United States for the sale of livestock, some forms of grain and oilseeds, paper, concrete additives, and some other commodities.



  • Middle Bengali: *হন্দর্দ (*hondord)


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