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Prepositional phrase[edit]

in turn

  1. One after the other; one at a time; in succession; successively.
    The teacher answered the students each in turn.
    Each member of the group, in turn, rose to share a personal story, until nearly everyone in the room had spoken.
    Eventually, each of the countries in turn would be brought to submission by the invading force.
  2. In due order; in proper sequence; in a determined or measured sequence, as a waiting line or queue.
    You are next in turn to bat.
    The boy was next in turn to sit on Santa's lap.
  3. In response; in return.
    The musical ambassadors finished their performance, and the local musicians in turn played for them a traditional ballad.
    • 1945 April 16, Harry S. Truman, 9:21 from the start, in MP72-20 President Roosevelt’s Funeral and Procession; Truman – New President of U.S.[2], Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum, National Archives Identifier: 595162:
      With great humility, I call upon all Americans to help me keep our nation united in defense of those ideals which have been so eloquently proclaimed by Franklin Roosevelt. I want in turn to assure my fellow Americans and all of those who love peace and liberty throughout the world that I will support and defend those ideals with all my strength and all my heart.
  4. Having a relationship sequentially comparable to one just mentioned; accordingly or similarly, with respect to sequence, precedence, or hierarchy.[1]
    The vassals were subject to their lords, who in turn were subject to barons or kings.
    My car was hit by a truck, which in turn was hit by the van.
    Mr. X leaked the secret to Mr. Y who in turn leaked it to Mr. Z.




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