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jazz +‎ -y



jazzy (comparative jazzier, superlative jazziest)

  1. In the style of jazz.
  2. Flashy or showy.
  3. Lacking focus; jittery or jangly.
    • 1996, Daniel J. Wideman & ‎Rohan B. Preston, Soulfires: Young Black Men on Love and Violence, page 189:
      Your mother-of-pearl teeth, hard thighs, heaving ribcage — The smooth back of your adolescent neck, Your hot testicles swimming with future generations, And that rhinoceros horn there that makes you shiver all jazzy — You are where I get my fantasies, nigra.
    • 2005, Peter Thomas, The Den of the Assassin, →ISBN, page 247:
      John was waiting in the health club's juice bar, wearing a gray pinstriped Oxford suit and a blue Hermes tie. "You look all jazzy," Tyler said as he approached his partner. "I got you a cup of coffee."
    • 2016, Laurence Fearnley, The Quiet Spectacular, →ISBN, page 109:
      The letters seemed to go all jazzy on her and then they kept shifting, changing direction and making new patterns that she couldn't recognize.




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jazzy (invariable)

  1. jazzy