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kaw (third-person singular simple present kaws, present participle kawing, simple past and past participle kawed)

  1. Alternative form of caw
    • 1968, Ernest Ingersoll, Birds in legend, fable, and folklore
      [] difficult to separate Raven the demigod, from the sable, kawing, cunning bird so conspicuous all over northern Canada []


kaw (plural kaws)

  1. Alternative form of caw
    • 2013, Guenther Witzany, Biocommunication of Animals (page 197)
      Over half of the crows anticipated the feeder, and peered in the window of the building from whence the crow feeder would emerge prior to a feeding session. A majority also called loudly with a short staccato sequence of 3–5 kaws at the start of the feeding session.