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Alternative forms[edit]


From land +‎ locked (i.e. "locked-in by land on all sides").



landlocked (not comparable)

  1. (of a country, geographical region, etc.) Surrounded by land (having no borders with the sea).
    Switzerland is landlocked and obviously will never be a great sea power and must always trade overland.
  2. Living in freshwater, such as landlocked salmon.
  3. (US, real estate, of a property or parcel) Surrounded by other property and having no access to a public road.
    • 2005, Washington Legislative Reference Bureau, State of Wisconsin Blue Book, 2005-2006[1], page 610:
      An easement of necessity, said the court, may be provided when property is landlocked and the owner needs access to that property from a public highway.
    • 2005, Thomas J. McEvoy, Owning and Managing Forests: A Guide to Legal, Financial, and Practical Matters[2], page 49:
      In some states, the law allows for easements by necessity, especially in circumstances where a property is landlocked.
    • 2006, Real Estate Principles[3], Rockwell publishing, page 114:
      For example, if a property is landlocked (entirely surrounded by other privately owned land) and has no access to a public street...