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In this diagram, A, the owner of the back lot, requires an easement to use the driveway passing across the front lot in order to access the public street


From Anglo-Norman aisement, easement, eisement, esament, esement, and Middle French aisement(comfort, convenience, ease, facility, opportunity; a benefit, relief; a right to use land, a thing, etc.; a privy), from aisier(to put at ease; to facilitate) + -ment(-ment, suffix forming nouns, usually the action or state resulting from verbs).



easement ‎(plural easements)

  1. (architecture) An element such as a baseboard, handrail, etc., that is curved instead of abruptly changing direction.
  2. (archaic) Easing, relief.
  3. (archaic, euphemistic) The act of relieving oneself: defecating or urinating.

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