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Middle English lusty, lusti (mirthful, pleasant, delicious, delightful) from lust (desire, appetite) +‎ -y, -i. Compare Middle Dutch lustich (Dutch lustig (cheerful)), Middle High German lustic (German lustig (amusing)), Old Norse lostigr (Swedish lustig (funny), Danish lystig (merry)). More at lust, -y.



lusty (comparative lustier, superlative lustiest)

  1. Strong, healthy and vigorous.
  2. Hearty and enthusiastic.
  3. (informal, proscribed) Given to experiencing lust; enjoying physical sensations; lustful.
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  4. (obsolete) beautiful; handsome; pleasant.
    • Edmund Spenser
      So lovedst thou the lusty Hyacinct;
      So lovedst thou the faire Čoronis deare.
  5. (obsolete) of large size; big.
    • Evelyn
      Three lusty vessels.

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