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Borrowed from Latin maxillāris, from maxilla (jawbone, jaw).



maxillary (not comparable)

  1. Of or relating to the jaw or jawbone.
    Synonym: maxillar

Coordinate terms[edit]

Derived terms[edit]



maxillary (plural maxillaries)

  1. The upper jawbone, or a tooth growing from the upper jawbone.
    • 1842, The Encyclopaedia Britannica, page 5:
      In the RODENTIA the interorbital space is still larger, by reason of the size of the intermaxillary bones throwing the maxillary backwards and to the sides, where they form the inner orbitar wall, in which the palate bones occupy only a small space. The anterior wall is formed by a process of the maxillary, which contributes to form the zygomatic arch, while the malar is suspended in the middle between the process and that of the temporal bone.
    • 1928, Edna May Keeler, A Comparative Study of the Muscles Controlling the Maxillary Tentacles of the Siluridae, page 42:
      A tendon extends from the inner surface of the dentary to the postero-lateral surface of the maxillary near the ball and socket joint.
    • 2014, Ignazio Pandolfo, Silvio Mazziotti, Orthopantomography, page 148:
      Neoplastic localisations in the maxillaries can be distinguished between primitive tumour lesions with osteomedullary origin (osteoma, osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, myeloma, etc.) and secondary neoplasms of the maxillaries such as the hematogenous metastasis or the tumours which affect the maxillaries for their adjacency, for example, the lesions in the oral cavity and the salivary glands.