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vestibular (not comparable)

  1. Of or pertaining to a vestibule in a building.
    • 1861, The English cathedral of the nineteenth century
      . . . while the outer world was fenced off by the interposed atrium or vestibular cloister.
  2. Of or pertaining to a vestibule (body cavity).
    • 1859, Sir Erasmus Wilson, William H. Gobrecht, A System of human anatomy, general and special
  3. Of or relating to the vestibule of the inner ear, the vestibular system, the vestibular nerve, or the vestibular sense <vestibular impulses>
    • Ampulla of the perpendicular semicircular canal, receiving a fasciculus from the superior branch of the vestibular nerve . . .
  4. (dentistry) Of or pertaining to the surface of a tooth that is directed outward toward the vestibule of the mouth, including the buccal and labial surfaces, and opposite the lingual (or oral) surface.


Coordinate terms[edit]




vestibular m (plural vestibulares)

  1. an admittance test for Brazilian universities


vestibular m, f (plural vestibulares, comparable)

  1. (anatomy) vestibular (relating to the vestibule)