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milk bar (plural milk bars)

  1. (Australia) A convenience store.
  2. A small shop and/or cafe, often part of a larger shop, that sells fast food and a range of dairy based beverages such as milkshakes and ice creams; a deli or delicatessen.
    • 1972, The Australian, quoted in 1988, Lois E. Foster, David Stockley, Australian Multiculturalism: A Documentary History and Critique, page 211,
      As one immigration man put it, “More pofessional migrants — and especially teachers — from countries like Italy and Yugoslavia would help to dispel the idea some Australians still have that the only migrants we get from these countries are milk-bar owners or greengrocers.”
    • 2008, Anna Krien, “Turning off the Lights”, in Delia Falconer, editor, The Best Australian Stories 2008, page 131:
      Once he was at the milk bar, trying to buy cigarettes with an old bus ticket even though he didn′t smoke. Mum was upset about the cigarettes and the milk-bar man was angry about the bus ticket Dad was shoving into his hand.
    • 2009, Andrew Bain, Ethan Gelber, Cycling Australia, Lonely Planet, page 153:
      There′s another ATM at the newsagent, although Eftpos is possible at the milk bar and Maldon Pharmacy, both on Main St.
    • 1944, Cyril Connolly, The Unquiet Grave, revised edition, London, published 1955, page 55:
      Today the State shows a benevolent face to Culture-Diffusion but to those who produce culture no trace of sympathy or indulgence, with the result that we are becoming a nation of commentators, of critics and hack-explainers, most of whom are ex-artists. Everything for the Milk-bar, nothing for the cow!


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  • French: bar laitier