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Old English nestlian, "make a nest", derived from nest+-lian.



nestle (third-person singular simple present nestles, present participle nestling, simple past and past participle nestled)

  1. To settle oneself comfortably and snugly.
  2. To press oneself against another affectionately.
  3. To lie half-hidden or in shelter.
    The old shop nestled between the newer apartment buildings.
    • Francis Bacon
      Their purpose was to fortify in some strong place of the wild country, and there nestle till succours came.
  4. (archaic, ornithology) To build or sit upon a nest.
    • L'Estrange
      The kingfisher [] nestles in hollow banks.
  5. (transitive) This term needs a definition. Please help out and add a definition, then remove the text {{rfdef}}.
    • William S. Woodbridge
      She made no answer, but her fingers nervously nestled the leaves of a book.


  • (to settle oneself comfortably): settle
  • (to press oneself against another affectionately): cuddle, snuggle

Related terms[edit]