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Middle English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Old French obumbrer (to overshadow), from Latin obumbrō (to overshadow).


obumbren (third-person singular simple present obumbreth, present participle obumbrende, simple past and past participle obumbred)

  1. (of countries) to overshadow
  2. (of people, with over or to) to spread like a shadow over
  3. (of eyes) to cover
  4. (of the germination of beans) to shelter or protect
  5. (Christianity, in passive, to be obumbred to) to be caused to overshadow (a reference to the causative role played by the Holy Spirit in the Virgin Mary's conception of Christ)
    • Chaucer
      Or half the blisse who coude wryte or tel
      Whan the holy goost to thee was obumbred