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pinus (plural pinuses)

  1. (botany) Any member of the genus Pinus; a pine.
    • 1839, J. C. Loudon, The Gardener's Magazine (page 420)
      I have been invited to see the garden of Baron Zanoli, situated on the high road from Monza to Milan, in which I am told there are fine exotic trees and shrubs, and especially a rich collection of pinuses.
    • 1853, George Greenwood, The tree-lifter (page 265)
      As the generality of pinuses grow by nature into magnificent and gigantic forest-trees, they should, I think, be planted in our parks as well as in our flower-gardens, shrubberies, and lawns.


pīnus (a pine)


From Proto-Indo-European *peyH- (fat). Cognate with Sanskrit पितु (pitu, sap, juice, resin), English fat.



pīnus f (variously declined, genitive pīnūs or pīnī); fourth declension, second declension

  1. pine tree
  2. pinewood, or a thing made of such wood
  3. lance, spear
  4. wreath of pine leaves
  5. pine forest, pineland


The declension of this noun is variable. It may be declined as either a fourth declension or a second declension noun.

Fourth declension.
Case Singular Plural
nominative pīnus pīnūs
genitive pīnūs pīnuum
dative pīnuī pīnibus
accusative pīnum pīnūs
ablative pīnū pīnibus
vocative pīnus pīnūs
Second declension.
Case Singular Plural
nominative pīnus pīnī
genitive pīnī pīnōrum
dative pīnō pīnīs
accusative pīnum pīnōs
ablative pīnō pīnīs
vocative pīne pīnī

Derived terms[edit]